Dear Corkscrews Customers,

My name is Mason Balistreri and I’m hoping to introduce myself. I’m the wine buyer at Joy Wine & Spirits on 6th Ave (across from Fruition). We’ve been a family owned store since the 1963 and very fine wine has become a passion for us. As you may have heard, there could be some changes with the laws regarding out-of-state retailers shipping to Colorado… Some companies are even urging customers to ship their wines while they still can. With the laws up in the air I wanted to take this opportunity to say: We are here for you.

We work with high quality wines at every price point. From DRC to Fourrier to Barolo; We have access to all of the same wines that rarely make an appearance outside of Boulder/Mountains or Online. We have some amazing wines on our shelves, but the most rare and special bottles are allocated exclusively through our mailing list. If you would allow, I would love to add your email to one of our lists so that you can see the offers.

There’s also a great advantage to buying from a local Denver store. Colorado does not allow private collections to be sold as retail… In other words, you don’t have to worry about storage conditions or provenance. All of our wine is directly from the importer. We guarantee all of our wine and we take corked/oxidized wine back. We’re also very convenient and can work out delivery. Are you looking for something specific? Likely, I can special order current vintages of anything your looking for. And I will do my very best to match or beat online prices.

If joining our mailing list sounds like something you would be interested in, please sign up below. Or you can reply directly to my email: mason@joywineandspirits.com and I will manually add you. Don’t worry about getting spammed! I only send 2-3 emails out per month. We also take your privacy seriously and never share your address.

Honestly, we would very much appreciate your business here at Joy. In hopes of kick starting this relationship, I would like to offer a 10% discount on your first purchase (mailing list or in store). I hope this will be an opportunity for us all to explore some new and interesting bottles. It’s always a pleasure to see these amazing wines move through our doors.


Mason Balistreri
Joy Wine & Spirits
Store: (303) 744-6219
Cell: (419) 308-6121

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  • Barolo + Brunello Mix & Match
  • WILSON DANIELS Luxury offering
    (2015 Olivier Bernstein + others)
  • 2014 White Burgundy Re-Release
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