Bodegas Bhilar Lagrimas de Garnacha

Navarra is one of the most underrated regions in all of Spain, which isn’t surprising considering it’s found just north of the prized Rioja region. Lagrimas de Garnacha, which translates to Tears of Grenache is produced by up-and-coming winemaker David Sampedro. Unlike many other wines in this price point, David chooses to vinify with minimal intervention, ecological farming methods, and following biodynamic processes in the vineyard.

This Garnacha is grown in St Martin de Unx near Baja Montana of Navarra. The far northerly vineyard is unique in that it is influenced by the Atlantic, giving the wine an elegance and ample acidity to contrast the ripe, cherry fruit character of the varietal. This wine is also much, much less oak-forward than similarly priced Spanish wine. There is a vibrancy in this wine that is uncommon to say the least!

Quick Tasting Notes: Aromas and flavors of fresh redcurrant, cherry ( lots of it!) and raspberry, with a touch of minerality on the finish. The wine is fresh and vibrant. It could be chilled to just under room temperature. This red would pair great with grilled shrimp and garlic, or even a rich, spicy dish like Chorizo and potatoes.