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About the Beer of the Month Club

With a focus on quality and an emphasis on history, Joy Wine and Spirits is delighted to offer our Monthly Beer Club. This program emphasizes different styles while still allowing for an experience that is unique, satisfying and fundamentally interesting.

The membership cost is $45 per month and includes an allotment of beers varying both in bottle size and technical style. Some months might showcase two 750ml bottles, other months could bring together six 12 ounce formats, but the collective value will always be at least $45. All membership beers will be available for pickup on the 15th of every month.

Any new members that join on or after the 10th of the current month will have their beers available the following month. The membership fee will automatically renew on the 10th of every month unless the customer cancels their membership.

Membership Benefits

  • Carefully chosen and distinct offerings.
  • Originally written context details for each beer.
  • Exclusive discounts on many other beers for the entirety of one’s membership. (Just mention you’re a member at time of purchase.)
  • Access to The Joy of Beer Newsletter showcasing new arrivals.
  • Direct-to-customer content on hard-to-find items as we get them.

Discover Unusual Brews: Craft Beers & Ales at Joy Wine & Spirits

Why Craft Beers and Ales?

Craft beers are the most unique and are widely considered the most unique and flavorful of any beer or ale. Consumers are the winners as the world of flavors has opened up thanks to intrepid brewers. Intrepid brewers who pour their heart and soul into their work. People who craved depth, complexity, and uniqueness in their beers have not been disappointed. Joy Wine & Spirits carries the finest craft beers, ales, and other unique beers. If you are looking for creativity and to taste the expertise of these breweries then Joy Wine & Spirits is the place for you. You will be hard-pressed to find anyone carrying a finer selection of craft beer or ale varieties.

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About the Beer of the Month Club