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About our Wine Clubs

We are excited to unveil our new and improved wine club options. Other clubs chase the bottom barrel bargains, but we stand behind the quality of our club wines. Every month we pick new wine and give detailed descriptions of the producers, grapes and what food it might pair with. Our wine clubs are a great way to explore new wines, but they also make an amazing gift.

We urge people to pick up their wine club wines in the store. We offer special discounts on special wine in the store to wine club members. Also, whenever a club member picks up their wine club wine, we offer a 10% discount on all regularly priced wine.

Membership Benefits

  • Hand picked, curated wine options
  • Detailed Information on producers, grapes, food pairings and regions.
  • 10% all other wines during pickup
  • Special pricing on club wines found throughout the store

Club Membership Options

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$25 for 2 bottles monthly

Sometimes the biggest names are not the best values. In this club, we search the world to find up and coming producers from smaller regions. These wines are not only tremendous values but are thought provoking and delicious!

Curated Case Club Is Currently At Capacity


Curated Case Club

Our Curated Case Club is currently at capacity. Check back in 2022 for a new wine club offering! Sign up for our newsletter to receive new wine club updates.

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