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Get your 'Disco'ver on!

You’ve made it into the club! Here’s where you can get access to all the extras for your monthly kit – check out video content, get access to tasting games, your discovery sheet and more!

Just a reminder, your account will be charged on the 10th of each month and the bottles drop on the 15th. And, as an extra bonus, you’re entitled to 10% off any wine purchase the day you pick up your kit!

September 2023 - All Mapped Out:
Wines of the Andes

The Playlist

Get the skinny on our featured bottles and juice your brain with a deep dive into the lingo! Click below to go old school and get the analog version… for your collection.

Let the Games Begin

We’ve partnered with Somm Says to give you an interactive tasting experience, all you have to do is download the free app. Test your palate along with our sommelier and other club members, taste the fab rewards.

Get Down with the Extras!

Have you tried your hand at the Somm Says tasting games? Here’s a little guidance:

Every Bottle Needs a Soundtrack

Wine pairs with music too! Get your booty into the groove with this month’s custom soundtrack. Suitable for all settings with a little room to jiggle – especially if you’re honing those summer hoola hoop skills.

Are you missing something? Need to catch up on old vocab or reminisce on your favorite wine notes? Catch vintage kit content here.

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