Ferreira Casa Ferreirinha Esteva

This is the exact type of wine people describe being common place in Europe but hard to acquire here in the USA. It’s a wine that is balanced, fresh and easy to pair with food. Too many bottles that end up in supermarkets around the country are chasing scores, and there for are ultra extracted, sweetened and oak forward. This wine still tastes like it was made my people instead of manufactured in a lab. You can almost taste the feet that tread the grapes! All kidding aside, this wine is a classic example of old world sensibility and finesses.

It makes sense that Ferreira knows how to make a solid wine. They’ve been doing it since the 1700s and have learned a thing or two. They’re located in the Douro region which is more known for the sweet dessert wines than dry reds. However the region which has a hot and dry climate produces great red wines too.