Rare and Hard-to-Find Allocated Spirits

For decades, customers in Denver, CO, have turned to Joy Wine & Spirits for both familiar favorites and the rarest spirits.

Whether you’re looking for a specific Mezcal, a rare Japanese whiskey, a single-barrel bourbon, or anything else, we either have it here or can get it for you!

Rare Spirits at Joy Wine & Spirits

It’s never hard to find rare spirits in Capitol Hill and Cherry Creek when you’re our customer! We keep an amazing selection because we actively search for the most exceptional and unique spirits.

The following are just a few of our favorite rare and hard-to-find spirits that our customers request:

Rare Whiskey

We offer a variety of sensuous spirits, including scotch, bourbon, and rye whiskey. Many of our customers go out of their way to visit us for single malts, single grains, blended malts, blended grains, or blended scotch.

Whiskey can be bottled in bond; it can be straight, it can be moonshine, or even classified as “undefined!” If you have a specific rare whiskey in mind, we can help you find it; if not, we can find you a new favorite. Make sure to browse our popular Japanese whiskey section!

Hard-to-Find Mezcal

Although some people think tequila and mezcal are interchangeable, tequila is actually a small subset of mezcal — in much the same way that bourbon is a type of whiskey. Mezcal is a blanket term for distilled spirits made from the heart of the agave plant.

The most highly prized mezcal hails from Mexico, including spirits made from espadín, a domesticated agave that takes six years before it’s ready to harvest.
However, the rarest mezcals are made from slow-growing wild agave that takes about 30 years to grow! If you haven’t seen our incredible mezcal section, you owe it to yourself to check it out.

Pure Single-Barrel Bourbon

Bourbon is generally available in small-batch, single-barrel, and standard-barrel varieties. Single-barrel bourbons are premium because each bottle is distilled in one barrel instead of being a mix of bourbons from multiple barrels.

The location of each barrel can dramatically change the product’s flavor profile. That’s why single-barrel bourbon is prized for its uniform taste and color.

Each single-barrel bourbon’s particular distillation process contributes to its enhanced flavor notes and unique characteristics. Furthermore, when the bottling follows a pure, unfiltered regimen, the distinct features of every barrel shine through even further.

We proudly offer bottles that will forever change how you look at these spirits, so ask our expert staff about our single-barrel bourbon section!

Find Your Favorite Rare Spirits at Joy Wine & Spirits

What separates us from our competitors is our staff and buyers, who hand-select every one of the spirits we bring in. Our elite industry professionals are knowledgeable and eager to recommend spirits based on our customers’ desires.

At Joy Wine & Spirits, we’re passionate about our offerings and our customers, so we proudly feature everything from undiscovered local sensations to world-renowned gems. Visit us on 6th Avenue and see our collection of rare spirits in Denver for yourself!

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