Vera de Estenas Bobal

Not sure about you folks, but I’ve had enough over-oaked grenache from Spain. This wine represents a change of pace from the typical mass produced wines that the region of Utiel-Requena is known for. For one thing, the vines are fairly old, up to 100 years in some spots. Instead of metallic tanks, the wine ages in giant concrete pits which adds an elegance and vibrancy to the wine. Chill this stuff down slightly, and it’s going to pair with just about anything.

Important to note is also that this is a Jose Pastor Selection wine. If you don’t know this distributor, he brings in some amazingly cool wines from Spain. They tend to be from more naturally oriented producers. I especially like his Canary Island wine, which should be arriving into Joy in the near future.

Quick Tasting Notes: “This Bobal is medium-bodied and shows a mix of bright black and red fruits, spice, and minerals, while maintaining moderate alcohol and high acidity. The result is a red wine that’s friendly with a wide variety of meats, specially game.